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Post-Game Rush


PIKE is the recruitment leader among the fraternity world because we continually push ourselves to recruit “the most best men.” The post-game rush is a technique that, if applied properly, guarantees a larger, higher-quality new member class.




Purpose: Provide new members with knowledge and experience in PIKE recruitment while boosting new member class and/or ChapterBuilder database size.




Objectives: New members execute a successful recruitment event. Chapter adds additional new members to class or adds significantly to its ChapterBuilder database.




Executing the post-game rush is simple. During your first new member meeting, do only these four things:




  1. Orientation – give new members Garnet & Gold, new member manual, need-to-know basics of being a PIKE new member.
  2. Excitement – Get the new members pumped up! Tell them about all the fun things the chapter has planned for the coming weeks. Excitement is contagious and is key for recruitment.
  3. Training – Train the new members in the basics of PIKE recruitment.
  4. Assignment – Give new members their only assignment for the week – plan and execute a recruitment event.






  • The new members likely don’t know anything about event planning and they are going to significant need guidance. Give it to them!
  • Tell the new members that all Pikes are expected to recruit. It is their duty as a future brother to bring quality men to the event.
  • There must be a high attendance of brothers at the event for it to be successful.




Once the potential recruits are at the event, it becomes the responsibility of the recruitment chair/committee and the active chapter to interview and sign them. Do not rely on your new members to actually recruit and/or sign men.




Of course, you may need to adjust this process to work within the confines of your university’s IFC rules and regulations. Keep in mind that your new members are one of the best resources for name generation in recruitment, so adjust as necessary to drive the most quality men to your organization!

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