The PIKE U Scholarship Program is a vital component of PIKE U. The scholarship program provides direct support for Pi Kappa Alpha chapters and colonies to encourage participation in PIKE U events.

PIKE U Scholarships

Each chapter and provisional chapter has a scholarship account to help offset registration costs for PIKE U events (Leadership Summits, The Academy, Chapter Executive Conference, and Convention).

Claiming Scholarships

While completing the online registration, select the “Deposit” option as your method of payment. Done. It’s as simple as that! Post event, a chapter/provisional chapter may request reimbursement from their respective PIKE U scholarship account up to the total registration costs for the event. Post-event requests must be completed within 30 days of the close of the event. Contact the Director of Events at for more information.

PIKEU Scholarship Funds

The following funds are available to assist your chapter in bringing brothers to Pike University events such as Chapter Executives Conference, Leadership Summits, Convention, and The Academy.

Designation University Available Funds
Alpha University of Virginia $1,795.00
Epsilon Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University $3,005.00
Zeta University of Tennessee – Knoxville $4,798.00
Theta Rhodes College $998.00
Iota Hampden-Sydney College $5,510.00
Kappa Transylvania University $0.00
Mu Presbyterian College $3,711.00
Nu Wofford College $3,978.00
Xi University of South Carolina $3,706.00
Pi Washington and Lee University $3,684.00
Sigma Vanderbilt University $3,119.00
Tau University of North Carolina $1,337.00
Upsilon Auburn University $13,333.00
Phi Roanoke College $4,489.00
Omega University of Kentucky $925.00
Alpha Alpha Durham, NC $3,754.00
Alpha Gamma Louisiana State University $1,697.00
Alpha Delta Georgia Institute of Technology $410.00
Alpha Zeta University of Arkansas $4,541.00
Alpha Eta University of Florida $2,355.00
Alpha Iota Millsaps College $0.00
Alpha Kappa Missouri University of Science and Technology $4,254.00
Alpha Lambda Georgetown College $361.00
Alpha Mu University of Georgia $250.00
Alpha Nu University of Missouri $1,285.00
Alpha Xi University of Cincinnati $2,656.00
Alpha Omicron Southwestern University $2,161.00
Alpha Sigma University of California-Berkeley $2,437.00
Alpha Tau University of Utah $1,304.00
Alpha Omega Kansas State University $13,191.00
Beta Alpha Pennsylvania State University $11,041.00
Beta Beta University of Washington $7,514.00
Beta Delta University of New Mexico $358.00
Beta Eta University of Illinois $500.00
Beta Theta Cornell University $2,601.00
Beta Mu University of Texas $150.00
Beta Nu Oregon State University $1,322.00
Beta Omicron University of Oklahoma $1,758.00
Beta Xi University of Wisconsin $250.00
Beta Pi University of Pennsylvania $25,861.00
Beta Sigma Carnegie Mellon University $1,572.00
Beta Tau University of Michigan $4,511.00
Beta Upsilon Boulder, CO $81.00
Beta Phi Purdue University $0.00
Beta Chi University of Minnesota $0.00
Gamma Alpha University of Alabama $1,569.00
Gamma Beta University of Nebraska $3,029.00
Gamma Delta University of Arizona $6,236.00
Gamma Epsilon Utah State University $4,366
Gamma Eta University of Southern California $10,183.00
Gamma Theta Mississippi State University $7,148.00
Gamma Iota University of Mississippi $2,529.00
Gamma Kappa Montana State University $1,621.00
Gamma Nu University of Iowa $3,212.00
Gamma Xi Washington State University $250.12
Gamma Omicron Ohio University $2,583.00
Gamma Pi University of Oregon $2,381.00
Gamma Rho Northwestern University $8,068.00
Gamma Sigma University of Pittsburgh $383.00
Gamma Tau Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $3,579.00
Gamma Upsilon University of Tulsa $1,470.00
Gamma Phi Wake Forest University $426.00
Gamma Chi Oklahoma State University $1,965.00
Gamma Psi Louisiana Tech University $0.40
Gamma Omega University of Miami $2,013.00
Delta Gamma Miami University $3,881.00
Delta Delta Florida Southern College $3,475.00
Delta Epsilon University of Tennessee-Chattanooga $817.00
Delta Theta Arkansas State University $0.00
Delta Eta University of Delaware $0.00
Delta Kappa San Diego State University $628.00
Delta Lambda Florida State University $276.00
Delta Mu Southern Mississippi University $250.00
Delta Nu Wayne State University $560.00
Delta Xi Indiana University $6,406.00
Delta Rho Linfield University $250.00
Delta Sigma Bradley University $385.00
Delta Tau Arizona State University $14,523.00
Delta Upsilon Stetson University $4,526.00
Delta Chi University of Nebraska-Omaha $2,227.00
Delta Psi University of Maryland $5,239.00
Delta Omega High Point University $1,101.00
Epsilon Alpha Trinity College $1,765.00
Epsilon Beta Valparaiso University $250.00
Epsilon Gamma Texas Tech University $1,116.00
Epsilon Delta University of North Texas $3,819.00
Epsilon Epsilon University of Toledo $18,387.00
Epsilon Iota Southeast Missouri State University $2,927.00
Epsilon Kappa Lamar University $1,055.00
Epsilon Lambda Murray State University $1,248.00
Epsilon Nu Georgia State University $1,384.00
Epsilon Omicron Stephen F. Austin State University $0.00
Epsilon Pi Sam Houston State University $146.00
Epsilon Sigma University of Tennessee-Martin $1,777.00
Epsilon Upsilon Gannon University $0.00
Epsilon Phi University of Central Arkansas $4,200.00
Epsilon Chi Pittsburg State University $250.00
Epsilon Psi Western Michigan University $3,828.00
Epsilon Omega East Central University $665.00
Zeta Alpha A Kettering University $4,825.00
Zeta Alpha B Kettering University $3,345.00
Zeta Beta Delta State University $1,621.00
Zeta Gamma Eastern Illinois University $3,598.00
Zeta Epsilon Western Kentucky University $0.00
Zeta Iota Old Dominion University $1,026.00
Zeta Kappa Ferris State University $171.00
Zeta Lambda Adrian College $771.00
Zeta Xi Western Carolina University $500.00
Zeta Mu University of Idaho $0.00
Zeta Pi University of South Florida $3,278.00
Zeta Rho University of North Dakota $7,638.00
Zeta Sigma Florida Institute of Technology $574.00
Zeta Tau Eastern Kentucky University $290.00
Zeta Chi Missouri State University $2,611.00
Zeta Omega University of Louisiana-Lafayette $1,999.00
Eta Alpha Clemson University $1,127.00
Eta Epsilon Angelo State University $2,427.00
Eta Kappa University of South Alabama $0.00
Eta Omicron Monroe, LA $1,962.00
Eta Pi University of West Florida $250.00
Eta Rho Northern Kentucky University $1,598.00
Eta Sigma University of West Georgia $860.00
Eta Tau Austin Peay State University $250.00
Eta Upsilon University of Texas-Arlington $0.00
Theta Alpha University of North Alabama $605.00
Theta Gamma Georgia College and State University $518.00
Theta Delta Francis Marion University $250.00
Theta Epsilon Northeastern State University $250.00
Theta Zeta University of Northern Iowa $250.00
Theta Theta Texas A&M University $0.00
Theta Kappa Indiana University Southeast $0.00
Theta Xi Texas A&M University-Commerce $1,456.00
Theta Omicron Indiana State University $2,020.00
Theta Pi University of Alabama-Huntsville $965.00
Theta Rho Northern Arizona University $355.00
Theta Sigma Winthrop University $250.00
Theta Tau California State University-Sacramento $495.00
Theta Upsilon Tennessee Technological University $496.00
Theta Psi Chapman University $3,437.00
Theta Omega University of California-Davis $4,275.00
Iota Alpha University of Wyoming $4,919.00
Iota Beta California State University-Fresno $1,003.00
Iota Gamma University of Nebraska-Kearney $500.00
Iota Delta Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology $4,776.00
Iota Epsilon California State University-Long Beach $250.00
Iota Iota Michigan State University $1,533.00
Iota Xi University of Chicago $500.00
Iota Omicron Santa Clara, CA $6,028.00
Iota Sigma James Madison University $5,981.00
Iota Upsilon Georgia Southern University $250.00
Iota Psi Boone, NC $1,948.00
Iota Omega University of Western Ontario $4,875.00
Kappa Delta Boston, MA $2,730.00
Kappa Epsilon Rockhurst University $2,096.00
Kappa Zeta University of Louisville $1,325.00
Kappa Eta New Mexico State University $0.00
Kappa Theta George Mason University $2,247.00
Kappa Iota University of Rhode Island $941.00
Kappa Mu Wilfrid Laurier University $2,929.00
Kappa Nu University of the Pacific $1,137.00
Kappa Omicron University of Nevada-Las Vegas $1,638.00
Kappa Pi University of South Dakota $668.00
Kappa Upsilon American University $4,783.00
Kappa Phi University of California-San Diego $2,340.00
Kappa Psi Cal State Polytechnic-Pomona $0.00
Lambda Beta Florida Atlantic University $250.00
Lambda Gamma Montclair State University $2,083.00
Lambda Delta University of Vermont $919.00
Lambda Epsilon University of Alberta $500.00
Lambda Zeta Drexel University $1,031.00
Lambda Eta William Woods University $2,412.00
Lambda Iota University of Central Oklahoma $0.00
Lambda Kappa College of Charleston $1,910.00
Lambda Lambda University of California-Irvine $5,080.00
Lambda Mu Embry Riddle Aeronautical University $1,000.00
Lambda Nu Boston University $500.00
Lambda Xi Florida Gulf Coast University $2,901.00
Lambda Pi Hofstra University $3,523.00
Lambda Rho University of North Carolina-Greensboro $929.00
Lambda Upsilon McNeese State University $1,350.00
Lambda Phi University of North Carolina-Wilmington $500.00
Lambda Chi Virginia Commonwealth University $156.00
Lambda Omega Towson University $0.00
Mu Alpha Rowan University $1,480.00
Mu Gamma Binghamton University $3,807.00
Mu Delta McMaster University $1,778.00
Mu Epsilon California State University-Fullerton $1,044.00
Mu Eta Methodist University $250.00
Mu Theta Kent State University $0.00
Mu Kappa Northwestern State of Louisiana $0.00
Mu Lambda West Chester University $2,505.00
Mu Mu Jacksonville State University $660.00
Mu Nu Southeastern Louisiana University $1,379.00
Mu Omicron South Dakota State University $726.00
Mu Rho Christopher Newport University $327.00
Mu Sigma Arkansas Tech University $337.00
Mu Tau University of Northern Colorado $467.00
Mu Upsilon Jacksonville State University $250.00
Mu Phi Northwest Missouri State University $275.00
Mu Chi California State University-San Bernardino $255.00
Mu Psi Boise State University $0.00
Provisional Chapter Colorado State University $720.00
Provisional Chapter California State University-Northridge $0.00
Provisional Chapter Iowa State University $3,991.00
Provisional Chapter University of New Hampshire $2,127.00
Provisional Chapter University of North Georgia College & State $201.00
Provisional Chapter Texas State University $0.00
Provisional Chapter University of California-Los Angeles $500.00
Provisional Chapter West Virginia University $171.00

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  • Events

  • Why attend PIKE U?

How to Earn Scholarships & Build your Chapter Endowment Fund

There are three ways to earn and build funds in your scholarship account to attend PIKE U events:

  1. Build your Chapter Endowment Fund
  2. Earn International Awards
  3. Attend Pike U Events

Additionally, a minimum of $250.00 is allocated to each chapter/provisional chapter on July 1 by the International Fraternity each year to help brothers attend PIKE U.

Chapter Endowment Fund

The PIKE Foundation maintains an endowment account for each chapter. After an account reaches $10,000 in donations, members of that chapter may receive an annual grant to their scholarship account, based on a percentage of the account balance to attend Pike U events. Note: An endowment is a fixed amount of money that earns interest and provides a distribution from the interest earned. The corpus will grow over time with contributions and positive market returns resulting in a larger distribution amount, but the distribution is a percentage of the corpus.

There are three ways to grow your chapter’s endowment fund

  1. Ask all student members to join φφκα.
  2. Encourage alumni to make a designated tax-deductible gift to the PIKE Foundation for your Chapter Endowment Fund.
  3. Encourage parents and grandparents to make a designated tax-deductible gift to the PIKE Foundation for your Chapter Endowment Fund.

Recruitment Incentive

Chapters that meet the criteria for the annual recruitment incentives may earn additional PIKE U scholarship funds. Please contact the Director of Membership Growth for more information.

Earn International Awards

Many of the international awards include merit-based PIKE U scholarship money. NOTE: Scholarship Amounts are subject to change.

  • Smythe Award – $250
  • Orians Excellence Award – $100
  • Harvey T. Newell Award – $100
  • Risk Awareness Award – $1,500
  • Most Improved Risk Awareness Award – $1,500
  • Outstanding Financial Operations Award – $500
  • Financial Management Award – $250
  • Collections Award – $250
For questions about PIKE University, contact the Education Department at 901-748-1868, ext. 1136, or