True PIKE Experience

Since 2016 the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity has sought to develop our members throughout their entire collegiate career with the individualistic, comprehensive member-development program the True Pike Experience (TPE). For years this program has been Implemented through peer-to-peer facilitated educational curriculum, this program complements individual involvement and provides members with a greater appreciation for what it means to be a True Pike, ultimately preparing them for success in life.

The Future of the Education is Now!

The educational component of the True PIKE Experience up to this point has only been available through peer-to-peer facilitated presentations within your chapter. However, the True PIKE Experience is continuing to evolve and is now available for you to complete online, at your own pace. Every member of the fraternity can access these courses in PLAID, which is accessible through their myPIKE portal.

Skill Development & Real-World Accreditation

In this system, you will find a variety of courses available covering a wide-range of skills. The opportunity to develop skills like leadership development, recruitment, professional development, communication skills, and so much more is a great opportunity for individual growth. Completion of these courses not only gives you the skills and knowledge learned throughout, but completion also provides you with real-world accreditation. Unlocking Badges and Certifications that can be uploaded to your LinkedIn through the click of a button showing potential employers the skills you have developed throughout your True PIKE Experience! For help accessing your account, reach out to the Director of Membership Development, Good luck on your True PIKE Experience journey!

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