Learn & lead: PIKE Foundation awards opportunities for our students to reach new academic and personal growth through grants and scholarships.

The Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation funds:

  • Chapter specific educational scholarships
  • Chapter endowed funds
  • Fraternity-wide international scholarships

Thanks to generous alumni gifts, many chapters have funds that can be applied towards academic scholarships and educational programs.

Many chapters have grant funds available for educational activities.

Thanks to generous alumni gifts, PIKE Foundation also awards scholarships to eligible Pike members.

PIKE University is designed to help you learn to live a life that positively impacts the world around you. As a PIKE University attendee, you’ll stand out in your career and community with resources dedicated to help you develop as a leader, as a professional, and as a person. When you attend PIKE University:

  • You build a resume that will land you your dream job.
  • You become a team member whom your co-workers appreciate.
  • You learn to effectively manage personal and professional relationships.
  • You receive leadership training and learn how to apply leadership skills in any life situation.
  • You interact with esteemed individuals who have influenced the worlds of business, entertainment, sports, and more.
  • You understand the importance of self-sacrifice, empathy, and hard work.
  • International Scholarships

  • The Robertson Award

  • Foundation & PIKE University

  • Sabre & Key Honor Society

  • ΦΦΚΑ Club

  • Why Support the Foundation?

For questions about the PIKE Foundation, contact the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation at 901-748-1948, or pikefoundation@pikes.org.