PIKE does not tolerate hazing.

The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity Standards include a standard of absolutely no hazing. Hazing is unacceptable conduct and each member affirms not to engage in any form of hazing as a condition of membership. In addition, hazing is illegal.

All members or new members should refuse to participate in any hazing activity and, refuse to permit hazing being inflicted upon them. If anyone approaches you and asks you to participate in an activity that you think is hazing:

  • You shall refuse to participate in hazing; and
  • Know that such refusal will not place your membership in Pi Kappa Alpha at risk; and
  • Immediately report it to a chapter officer. If an officer is not available, then report it to another member who is not involved in the activity; and
  • Notify your chapter consultant, director of service, or complete this form.

Some activities are obvious, such as attempted physical abuse, whereas other activities may be more subtle and may require an interpretation. Either way, you should be assured that no adverse action will be taken against you by the attempted “hazer” or by a chapter with regard to your membership. We want you to understand your rights and not be intimidated. Furthermore, all members have a personal responsibility not to condone any sort of hazing.

Experience has proven that new member orientation is one of the most important programming areas for a fraternity. In evaluating the long-term success and stability of any chapter, those chapters that exert the necessary time and energy into the development of a constructive, non-hazing, new member education program encounter the most prosperity. These groups initiate undergraduates who understand their fraternal responsibilities as active members and have the tools to immediately contribute to the success of the chapter.

Hazing Prevention Strategies

Take time at a chapter meeting talk through the Chapter Position Statement on Hazing that all brothers signed when joining Pi Kappa Alpha. How is your chapter living up to this position statement? How are individual members continuing to live up to the commitment to keep hazing out of Pi Kappa Alpha that they made when joining? How can your new members and brothers live this commitment?

Engage your brothers in a conversation about being an upstander and speaking up if hazing finds its way into your chapter – share this video with members and use the facilitator guide to have a conversation about being an upstander.

Share this PSA from SafeColleges with your brothers and have a conversation about not only why hazing is ineffective and positive ways to prepare to members for full membership in your brotherhood.

We Don’t Haze helps identify hazing behaviors and offers organization leaders alternative traditions that promote a safer, more positive team-building experience. You can download this 16-minute documentary featuring student voices free of charge and access the facilitator guide here.

Remember your alumni and the staff of Pi Kappa Alpha are here to support your efforts to keep hazing out of your chapter or provisional chapter throughout the year.

Report any hazing or potential hazing activity here.

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Have questions or need more information? Email us at healthandsafety@pikes.org.

To report any hazing or potential hazing activity, please click here.