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Recruitment Chairman: Welcome To Your Role

Choose your legacy.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: Recruitment is the lifeblood of our Fraternity. Without it, Pi Kappa Alpha would cease to exist. This is why you hear about it at every PIKE University event, during every consultant visit and countless conversations in between.


There is good reason for this strong emphasis on recruitment, though. The young men that you recruit right now will determine the standing of your chapter for the next four years, and the men that they recruit will determine its course for the four years after that. What better way to leave your legacy than to recruit the next generation of Pikes that will cement your standing at the top of your campus for years to come?


A fraternity is only as good as the members that make it up. Athletic fraternities are composed of good athletes. Intelligent fraternities are composed of good students. The best fraternities are composed of the best men. There is not a more tangible representation of Pi Kappa Alpha than its individual members. No chapter house, no Greek Week trophy, and no rush t-shirt can represent the fraternal excellence that is Pi Kappa Alpha as well as the brothers of whom it’s composed.


At the helm of your chapter’s recruitment operations, I know you’re going to be busy. The International Fraternity is your biggest advocate in this endeavor, and we want you to be the most dynamic recruitment chairman you can be. While we provide many great resources on and through myPIKE, our goal is to better equip you with the information you need when you need it so you can stay informed and proactive while you further the goals of your chapter. We’ll be in touch throughout your term, so use this blog as a resource!


As long as you are in this role, I will be equipping you with the knowledge and resources you need to win recruitment on your campus. I will tell you how to construct and run an effective committee, what actions each member can take to win recruitment, and explain the time-tested strategies that will have your chapter on its way to victory. With that said, as much as I want you to be successful in this role, I can’t be on the ground recruiting with you.


Absolutely nothing can replace the hard work and zealous drive of a dedicated recruitment committee. The resources I push to you will not ask any recruit to join your fraternity. That task is entirely up to you. Make no mistake about it: This game takes grit and determination to win. Nobody has ever made the front page of the newspaper by maintaining the status quo; and nobody has ever won recruitment by sitting on their hands.


Consider what is at stake here. The well-being and future of your chapter depends on you and your brothers recruiting with infectious enthusiasm. It only takes a semester or two for a prominent chapter to fall from grace because of a complacent recruitment program. But on the other hand, it only takes that same short amount of time for a chapter to rise to elite status through recruiting the most, best men. Imagine the feeling you will get at the end of the road, when you know that you have accomplished something great for your chapter. Nothing would be more gratifying than to look back and know that you recruited the largest class of dynamic men that your campus has ever seen.


Pi Kappa Alpha has risen to the top of the fraternal world by putting a strong emphasis on recruiting to win. Over the past few decades, we have distinguished ourselves as a powerhouse among fraternities, and a force to be reckoned with. This status came about by the devoted efforts of the men who came before you, and can only continue with a renewed commitment by the men of our undergraduate chapters today to recruiting the most, best men. But remember, you’re not just competing with other fraternities on your campus; you’re competing with PIKE chapters nationwide – the best of the best in the fraternity world.


This is an opportunity – an opportunity to truly make a difference in your chapter, in your community, and in Pi Kappa Alpha internationally. It is an opportunity to pass the flame of the Pi Kappa Alpha experience on to the next generation. Someone once paid you the courtesy of recruiting you into this Fraternity, and bringing you into the bonds of phi phi kappa alpha. Now is your chance to pay that favor forward – tenfold.


So, you find yourself faced with a decision. You can maintain the status quo, enjoy the fruits of your predecessors’ labor, and hope for the best; or you can roll up your sleeves, make a personal commitment to success, and put in the work necessary for your chapter to dominate recruitment. The place is here, the time is now. Just ask yourself this question:


What legacy will you choose to leave behind?

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