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ResourceCategory Download
Chapter Statement of Position on HazingGoverning PolicyDownload
Facilitated Goal SettingRetreat PlanningDownload
Chapter Self Assessment Retreat PlanningDownload
Chapter Performance Checklist 1Retreat PlanningDownload
Chapter Performance Checklist 2Retreat PlanningDownload
Chapter Performance Checklist 3 Retreat PlanningDownload
Chapter Leadership ModelGoverning Policy Download
Chapter Goal Setting WorksheetRetreat PlanningDownload
Transition Retreat HandbookRetreat PlanningDownload
New Member & Initiation Reporting Administrative Download
Chapter Recommitment ProcessGoverning PolicyDownload
Advisory & Chapter Communication ModelGoverning Policy Download
2022-2023 Annual PlannerAdministrativeDownload
International Awards OverviewAdministrative Download
Fraternity StandardsStandardsDownload
Sample Membership Contract (Chapters)AdministrativeDownload
Sample Chapter BylawsGoverning PolicyDownload
Sample Membership Contract (Provisional Chapters)AdministrativeDownload