We’re raising funds to educate and empower principled leaders.

Our programs and grants build the foundation for Pike students to move forward after graduation. Graduates become leaders and volunteers in their professions, communities and world. We inspire and seed change. Where will you be in 20 years?

We encourage our recent graduates to pay it forward for the next generations of Pike students. Know that your gifts—regardless of amount—are valued and needed. Each gift helps the Foundation provide expanded opportunities to Pike students.

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  • The Robertson Award

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  • Sabre & Key Honor Society

  • ΦΦΚΑ Club

PIKE has provided me with the greatest gift I have ever received — family. Being a brother and member of Pi Kappa Alpha has meant everything to me. Don’t take the PIKE experience for granted — pay it forward.Richard Alonso Lazaro, California State-Fresno, Iota Beta '10, Robertson Most Outstanding Undergraduate Award 2014
My chapter was fortunate to have had a PIKE Foundation chapter endowed scholarship fund. Thanks to the financial award from that fund, I was able to attend the 2015 Chapter Executives Conference in Memphis. The setting there exposed me to leadership skills training and an opportunity to interact with other Pikes. Both experiences helped me tackle academics and chapter operations in my role as Vice President. Even more importantly, the experience helped develop my communication skills which I use every day as a construction engineering major. I am grateful to our chapter’s alumni for providing me with this experience and for generously supporting our chapter endowment fund. Once I am an alumnus of this organization, I plan to follow their lead and support the PIKE Foundation as well.Robert Truman, Nebraska-Omaha, Delta Chi '13
For more information, contact the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation at (901) 748-1948 or email pikefoundation@pikes.org.