Alumnus members, student members, volunteers, mentors, benefactors, and parents. These are just a few of the roles served by the men of Pi Kappa Alpha. Each vital to the health of our organization. Each aiding in the betterment of our brotherhood.

For much of 2020 it felt as if the world were holding its breath. Six months after the first stay at home order, we were all waiting for this global pandemic to end. But then… it didn’t.

Before we knew it, the fall semester began, and many of our student brothers were still displaced. None of us knew how fraternity could function while social distancing. What we did know is that our undergraduates would be relying on the Fraternity to provide opportunities and support, and because of your generosity, PIKE delivered!

As you read our 2020 Annual Report, I hope you will be inspired by the hard work, determination, and collaboration exhibited by all PIKE stakeholders – particularly, the donors who invested in the Fraternity at such a crucial time.

It is clear to me that regardless of the challenges faced, Pi Kappa Alpha will continue to serve the needs of our young men. As you know, the crux of PIKE’s ideals and mission is to care for one another, be a brother’s keeper and serve as a home away from home…which became even more important in the virtual and disrupted environment.

If this year has taught us anything it is that we must safeguard the Fraternity experience and preserve PIKE’s future. We must put our purpose, and the values which guide us, under a microscope and relentlessly pursue solutions to the challenges before us.

PIKE shapes men who go on to shape the world. Thank you for caring and investing in the PIKE experience.


Charles T. Cumbaa

PIKE Foundation President

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