PIKE Foundation provides funding to host PIKE University, a student leadership & education program.

There are nine annual events held across the U.S.—with over 3,500 attendees—building better Pikes and better chapters. Students return back to campus empowered with new skills and a deeper appreciation of our mission and values. Our programs deliver success, developing strong leadership abilities in both our chapters and our student’s personal lives.

Each PIKE chapter has a Chapter Endowment Fund that is managed by the PIKE Foundation. These funds are made possible through alumni donations and undergraduates who participate in the φφκα club. Once the fund reaches $10,000 (also called endowment), it makes a grant to the chapter’s PIKE University Scholarship Fund; a fund that exists to provide student tuition for PIKE University events. Most collegiate chapters have grant funds, made possible through alumni donations and the φφκα Club, available to support student attendance.

Donate to your Chapter Endowment Fund below or contact the Director of Scholarships and Programs, at pikefoundation@pikes.org or by phone at (901) 748-1948.

  • International Scholarships

  • The Robertson Award

  • Sabre & Key Honor Society

  • ΦΦΚΑ Club

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For more information, contact the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation at (901) 748-1948 or email pikefoundation@pikes.org.