It’s very simple: PIKE does not tolerate hazing.

September 19–23, 2022 is National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW). The theme for NHPW 2022 is Stronger Together, a principled belief of PIKE brothers as detailed in our Preamble: “For the promotion of brotherly love and kind feeling; for the mutual benefit and advancement of the interests of those with whom we sympathize and deem worthy of our regard.”

While Pi Kappa Alpha is committed to the prevention of hazing 365 days a year, NHPW is an ideal time to pause as a brotherhood and engage in real conversations about hazing. If your campus or fraternity community is hosting events in the coming week, take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the bigger conversation with your peers. Take time in the coming week to engage your members, alumni, and other chapters in one of the following opportunities to advance your commitment to the principles and values of Pi Kappa Alpha and hazing prevention within your brotherhood:

  • Register for this free webinar on mental health as it relates to preventing hazing offered by If Everyone is “Fine” – Then What’s Wrong with Me? Facilitated by Archie Messersmith-Bunting, founder of ARCHIE CARES
  • Join college students across the country in taking HPO’s pledge to be aware, take notice of, and stand up against hazing. Challenge your chapter members to make a commitment to raise awareness of hazing activities in your environment, take notice when a fellow student is experiencing hazing, and don’t be afraid to say something!
  • Talk through the Chapter Position on Hazing that all brothers signed when joining Pi Kappa Alpha. How is your chapter living up to this position statement? How are individual members continuing to live up to the commitment they made to keep hazing out of Pi Kappa Alpha upon joining? How can your new members and brothers live this commitment?
  • Engage your brothers in a conversation about being an upstander and speaking up if hazing finds its way into your chapter. Share this video with members and use the facilitator guide to have a conversation about being an upstander and standing up to keep hazing out of the Pi Kappa Alpha experience.
  • Check out this Gordie Center short video on bystander intervention. The video explains how to be an effective bystander in hazing situations using the 5 D’s (direct, distract, delegate, delay, and document).
  • Screen this short film with your chapter or host a conversation in your community! We Don’t Haze helps identify hazing behaviors and offers organization leaders alternative traditions that promote a safer, more positive team-building experience. You can download this 16-minute documentary featuring student voices free of charge HERE.
  • Participate in National GORDIEday, which falls annually on the Thursday of NHPW. The goal of National GORDIEday is to educate students on the PUBS signs of alcohol overdose and empower them to intervene when a friend is in distress. Check out our National GORDIEday webpage for more information about how you can participate on September 22nd, register for the chance to win a Gordie Center prize pack, and download our free resources.
  • Engage with students from around the country in a student-led dialogue about how YOU can be part of the solution:

A SNAP-hosted event for students working together to prevent hazing. Learn more about SNAP, hazing and hazing prevention, the REACH Act, and how to be part of the change-making process.

– Date: September 22, 2022

– Time: 5:00-6:00pm ET

– Who: All students

– No-cost

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