The health and safety of our members is of the utmost importance. Please consult the following resources for recommendations related to chapter health and safety. For health and safety resources such a crisis management plan, programming, and general planning, please visit the Resource Center in myPIKE.

The Fraternity’s insurance partner, Favor & Company, created a comprehensive, detailed resource for individual members, chapters, and house corporations, in regards to planning for a fall reopening. It not only addresses how to prepare for and respond to a pandemic, but also provides useful links to products and other resources for chapters and house corporations.

There are two COVID-19 Resource Guides, one created for chapters with a house and one for chapters without housing. There are also 7 different Standard Operating Procedures, covering topics such as facility reopening and maintenance; health surveillance and reporting; PPE; cleaning; and isolation and quarantine procedures.

The outbreak of COVID-19 can cause feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. These feelings are expected and appropriate, and it is just as important to take care of your mental well-being in times such as this. The following resources and tips may help:

Additionally, our partners at The Jed Foundation have resources on handling mental health and COVID-19.

What should I do if brothers are posting about hosting parties or if other chapters are sending us invitations to parties?

It is recommended that all chapters adhere to university, local, state, and federal guidance involving large gatherings for any meeting or event. 

Follow the recommendations made by your college/university regarding large gatherings and events for student organizations. If your university recommends canceling all in-person meetings/gatherings, chapter-sponsored events such as social events, brotherhood events, and philanthropy events should be considered non-essential.  Additionally, make sure you are aware of any resolutions or statements from our governing council regarding in-person gatherings.  

Stay abreast of communications from the state, county, municipalities, and your host institution regarding social gatherings: This is the interactive map for current info on States and Cities Have Told Residents to Stay at Home.

Consider sharing real-time news with those suggesting social gatherings: 

Share the Facts about how to prevent getting sick: 

Your chapter may elect to issue a chapter-specific statement regarding hosting or attending social gatherings – this a chapter choice and not in any way an expectation from the Fraternity. Remember you have the ability to hold members accountable if they host events that would be considered chapter events if your institution, council, or chapter has issued a directive to not host such events.  

The Centers for Disease Control and the White House have issued these guidelines regarding group health and safety.

The Fraternity’s insurance partner has released this information on planning and responding to COVID-19.