The International Fraternity offers loans and grants for life safety equipment and makes available a variety of life safety educational materials to help provide undergraduates with the safest living environment possible.

General Resources:

These safety ideas have been compiled from a variety of sources:

Smoke Detection, Sprinkler, and Fire Alarm Systems

  • Manual fire alarm pull boxes in all hallways and next to all exits
  • Smoke detector in each room
  • Batteries in smoke detectors are changed every six months
  • Hard-wired system is tested monthly/serviced bi-annually by licensed contractor
  • Fire sprinklers installed
  • Sprinklers free from obstruction
  • Main control valve is open
  • Proper pressure reading of the system gauges
  • System inspected annually by licensed contractor
  • Fire detection/alarm system sound at central monitoring service station
  • Self closing fire doors present to reduce potential of rapid fire
  • Fire doors and exits kept clear of stops or obstructions

Fire Extinguishers, Lighting and Exits

  • At least one extinguisher on each floor
  • Extinguishers in kitchen
  • Extinguishers in laundry room
  • Extinguisher locations accessible and clearly marked
  • Extinguishers are inspected monthly and fully charged
  • Extinguishers are inspected annually by a licensed contractor
  • Emergency escape ladders available on upper level
  • Exits open easily without keys or special device
  • Exterior fire escape adequate, accessible and maintained
  • Emergency lighting system present
  • Emergency lighting tested monthly and inspected regularly

Fire Drills

  • Fire Drills practiced every six months
  • Written fire emergency evacuation escape plan and exterior rendezvous point established, reviewed by members, and posted


  • Campus/City fire marshal inspected building within last six months
  • All recommendations/updates compliant with relevant codes

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Unplug rarely used appliances
  • Dryer vents cleared of lent build-up regularly
  • Combustible materials stored away from ignition sources and in ventilated areas
  • Stairways and hallways free of any obstructions Smoking prohibited in house
  • Prohibit candles and other open flames in sleeping rooms
  • Cigarette butt disposal receptacles provided in designated exterior smoking area
  • Kitchen equipment cleaned regularly
  • Major appliances that produce a heat source and HVAC equipment serviced regularly
  • Fuel containers and gas-powered lawn equipment stored outside or in a properly designed area for such purpose

Informative Websites

  • Detector Grants

  • Fire Supression Systems

  • Life Safety Loan

If you’d like to learn more, please contact the White Horse Holding Corporation at (901) 748-1868 ext. 116 or