On March 7, 2021, the lives of the family and friends of Stone Foltz, and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, were forever changed when Stone died as a result of hazing. Stone’s family and friends have dedicated themselves to preventing future hazing tragedies from happening through their courageous work at the iamstonefoltz Foundation.

Since Stone’s passing PIKE has made several changes to its Standards to strengthen its hazing prevention efforts.

  • 30 Day New Member Orientation
  • Eradication of the Big-Little program and implementation of a mentor program for brothers to mentor new members.
  • All members and new members personally acknowledge the Fraternity Standards at the onset of each academic term.
  • All members and new members personally acknowledge the Chapter Position Statement on Hazing at the onset of each academic term.
  • Every undergraduate member and new member will engage in risk management education each academic term through PIKE’s Plaid Health & Safety Journey.

Start A Conversation

While Pi Kappa Alpha is committed to prevention of hazing 365 days a year, now is an ideal time to pause as a brotherhood and engage in real conversations about why hazing has no place in Pi Kappa Alpha. Take time in the coming weeks to engage your brothers and your alumni in one of the following opportunities to advance your commitment to the principles and values of Pi Kappa Alpha and preventing hazing within your brotherhood:

  • Share the full message from Stone’s parents, Shari & Cory Foltz, with your brothers. Losing our son, Stone – YouTube and have a conversation about how Stone’s death has impacted his family, friends, and YOUR Fraternity.
  • Take time at an upcoming chapter meeting to revisit the Chapter Position on Hazing that all brothers signed when joining Pi Kappa Alpha. How is your chapter living up to this position statement? How are individual members continuing to live up to the commitment to keep hazing out of Pi Kappa Alpha they made when joining? How can your new members and brothers live this commitment.
  • Engage your brothers in a conversation about being an upstander and speaking up if hazing finds its way into your chapter. Share this video with members and use the facilitator guide to have a conversation about being an upstander and standing up to keep hazing out of the Pi Kappa Alpha experience.


Check out this Gordie Center short video on bystander intervention. The video explains how to be an effective bystander in hazing situations using the 5 Ds (direct, distract, delegate, delay, and document).

  • The Fraternity’s Insurance Provider, Favor & Company, has issued a Challenge to Non-Hazing Organizations reminding us that chapters that do not haze can, and should, play an important role in stopping hazing on campus. Ultimately, you can challenge other fraternities, organizations, and student groups on campus to remember the basic principle that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Find resources to help you meet this challenge HERE.
  • Screen this short film with your chapter or host for a leadership conversation in your community! We Don’t Haze helps identify hazing behaviors and offers organization leaders alternative traditions that promote a safer, more positive team-building experience. You can download this 16-minute documentary featuring student voices free of charge HERE.
  • Consider hosting a program from the iamstonefoltz FOUNDATION for your community.


Remember your alumni, members of your AAB, and the staff of Pi Kappa Alpha are here to support your efforts to keep hazing out of your chapter or provisional chapter throughout the year.  For staff support you can talk with your chapter consultant or reach out to your PIKE Health & Safety Team at healthandsafety@pikes.org.

You Can & Should Report Incidents of Hazing HERE

Additional Health & Safety hazing prevention resources can be found in the myPIKE Resource Center.

To learn more about Stone and how your chapter can support his family and friend’s selfless efforts to stop hazing, check here.