Starting in 2016…  Fraternity leadership set off on a mission to better understand how PIKE can use its strong network, reach, and influence not only to benefit its members, but also for a greater good. The numerous challenges within Fraternity/Sorority life, higher education, and society at large have led Pi Kappa Alpha to reexamine its core purpose as a historic — yet relevant and contemporary — fraternity and the value it offers to members and the broader community.

Methodology: PIKE conducted its most comprehensive survey ever with over 1800 respondents consisting of undergraduates and alumni, high school students and their parents, higher education and PIKE leadership, Greek, and non-Greek college students, among others. Many of the findings have been challenging, yet inspiring.

Through this process and leadership, Pi Kappa Alpha arrived at the following 5 objectives and subsequent goals:

Strategic Plan Objectives

Drive Impact on the Individual: PIKE will transparently and regularly measure and drive the organization’s impact at the individual level to ensure each member is prepared for success in their pursuit of relentless personal growth and elevated ambitions.


  1. Clearly define and articulate PIKE’s purpose and core values to focus on the individual member.
  2. Implement a comprehensive management and educational system to deliver impact to individuals through experiential learning and holistic member development.
  3. Increase engagement with PIKE University.

Demonstrate & Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: PIKE will intentionally extend our high standards of membership recruitment to welcome the full range of diversity on our campuses, while creating and exhibiting a culture of inclusiveness and equity that brings out the best of our members, our organization, and everyone with whom we interact.


  1. Demonstrate inclusivity throughout the organization.
  2. Incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into the foundation of fraternity operations.
  3. Develop and track educational resources and programming which further Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts.

Build a Lifelong Fraternity Experience: PIKE will deliver lifelong friendship opportunities that attract all generations of members, instills pride, and creates mutual value to them and the organization.


  1. Implement a robust mentoring and networking system for members.
  2. Increase engagement opportunities to build a lifetime connection.
  3. Increase local alumni support and resources.
  4. Increase support to the PIKE Foundation and local chapter campaigns.

Recommit to Health & Safety: PIKE will serve the campuses and communities in which it exists by holding itself accountable to the highest ethical standards and investing in programs to create a more healthy, safe, and inclusive fraternity environment.


  1. Create a culture of health and safety throughout Pi Kappa Alpha.
  2. Improve resources and education in mental health, hazing & sexual assault prevention, and the misuse of alcohol & drugs.
  3. Increase accountability throughout the organization.
  4. Implement a revised new member orientation program.

Achieve Operational Excellence: PIKE will set the bar higher and higher for what a fraternity can be and can do by consistently improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its chapters and Fraternity core operating functions.


  1. Achieve quality growth.
  2. Improve marketing and communication efforts to enhance brand awareness & loyalty.
  3. Support real estate initiatives which provide a healthy & safe environment and provide a better member experience.
  4. Achieve a foundation of chapter and operational excellence.



  • Drive Impact on the Individual

  • Demonstrate & Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Build a Lifelong Fraternity Experience

  • Recommit to Health & Safety

  • Achieve Operational Excellence

What can your chapter be doing?