Starting in 2016…  Fraternity leadership set off on a mission to better understand how PIKE can use its strong network, reach, and influence not only to benefit its members, but also for a greater good. The numerous challenges within Fraternity/Sorority life, higher education, and society at large have led Pi Kappa Alpha to reexamine its core purpose as a historic — yet relevant and contemporary — fraternity and the value it offers to members and the broader community.

Methodology: PIKE conducted its most comprehensive survey ever with over 1800 respondents consisting of undergraduates and alumni, high school students and their parents, higher education and PIKE leadership, Greek, and non-Greek college students, among others.



  • Drive Impact on the Individual

  • Demonstrate & Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Build a Lifelong Fraternity Experience

  • Recommit to Health & Safety

  • Achieve Operational Excellence

What can your chapter be doing?