When you purchase products from licensed vendors, you support PIKE and protect its ideals.

Trademarks & Licensing Program

The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity is the exclusive owner of Pi Kappa Alpha trademarks, and it is our legal obligation to protect them. To preserve the heritage of our name and maintain ownership of our trademarks, we maintain a licensing program with Affinity Consultants.

The Fraternity recognizes certain vendors as “Authorized Licensed Vendors” of products or merchandise bearing the Fraternity’s name or symbols. These vendors work in cooperation with the Fraternity’s professional staff to develop and market PIKE products and services that reflect our Fraternity’s values.

Pi Kappa Alpha partners with Affinity Consultants to administer licenses, and we are always looking for new quality vendors to add to our program.

Vendors may also register to attend a PIKE U event and enjoy a great opportunity to meet the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha and display your products.

If you are interested in becoming licensed to sell Pi Kappa Alpha products, you can find more information at Greek Licensing.