Cabinet Structure

The True PIKE Experience is a progression-based four-year member development program led by and orchestrated through the Member Development Cabinet:

  • Membership Development VP – Primary organizer and overseer of the chapter’s four-year membership development program’s curriculum and involvement while also managing the member development cabinet.
  • New Member Educator – Responsible for onboarding/training the chapter’s newest members on chapter operations, Fraternity history & symbolism, values, recruitment, and anything that will help them become better members.
  • Brother Leader Educator – Responsible for the development of the second-semester freshmen who are initiated and all sophomore members.
  • Fraternity Leader Educator – Responsible for the development of the junior members.
  • Community Leader Educator – Responsible for the development of the senior members.
  • Virtual Learning Captain – Oversees the Chapter Management System and all online educational resources
  • Chapter Events/Speakers Coordinator – Responsible for facilitating guest speakers, whether they are alumni or campus professionals, to come speak at chapter meetings regarding anything educational in nature and promoting or hosting campus educational events that are open to the student population.
  • Alumnus Education Advisor – Responsible for advising the VP of Membership Development and the member development cabinet specifically with curriculum layout, establishing an educational schedule/calendar of events, facilitating educational discussions when necessary and Ritual execution education, providing additional support as needed.

TPE Resources

The True PIKE Experience is a fully developed program built with the PIKE members in mind so all that chapters must do is plan, prepare, and execute.
The True PIKE Experience resources are:

• Position Handbooks exist for everyone in the member development cabinet highlighting the program, delineating their roles and responsibilities with a syllabus outlining the curriculum.
• Slide Decks & Facilitator Guides exist for each of the educators to execute on the educational curriculum. These resources provide visual and oral guidance in order to provide strategic, guided development.
• The Educator Toolbox exists to aid the member development cabinet in becoming dynamic public speakers, presenters, and facilitators in order to truly make member development effective.
• The Educational Content Calendar is a planning tool for the member development cabinet to plan their educational sessions for each developmental phase of The True PIKE Experience.

Below is a quick video with information on all TPE resources.

Access Now!

To access the TPE resources, click the myPIKE icon at the top of any page on and login to your myPIKE portal. From there:
1. Once you arrive to your portal dashboard, go into the Resource Center under the Communications ribbon on the left of your dashboard
2. Open the “Pi Kappa Alpha” folder
3. Open the “Chapter Officer Resources” folder

4. Scroll down to the “VP of Membership Development folder”

5. Check out the PIKE Blog for TPE and member development focused content by clicking here.

In the VP of Membership Development folder, you will find all of the resources listed above, and subfolders for the educational content for each phase of The True PIKE Experience.

For questions about PIKE University, contact the Director of Membership Development at 901-748-1868, ext. 1136, or