30-Day New Member Orientation 


The following outlines the recommended 30-Day New Member Orientation program chapters and provisional chapters should implement once prospective new members have accepted their invitation to join. Each aspect of the program is designed to deliver the essential elements and information to prepare new members to become zealous members and maximize their Fraternity experience. 

  • 30-day program with 4 formal presentations and 2 Ritual ceremonies
  • Orientation Sessions
    • Introduction and Expectations 
    • Intro to PIKE Values and PIKE History 
    • Chapter Structure and Organization 
    • International Fraternity and Traditions & Symbols 
  • New Member Materials 
    • Garnet & Gold 
    • Member Handbook 
    • Calendar/Schedule of Events 
Recommended Resources & Where to Find them: 
  • Full presentation slide deck & facilitator guide 
    • All four presentations and facilitator guides have been condensed to one slide deck and one document respectively. 
  • 30-day model calendar (beginning approx. around bid day concluding with initiation) 
    • Calendar includes an example, instructions, and is plug and play for your chapter/provisional chapter’s needs 
  • Member Handbook
    • Like a ‘new member handbook’, the member handbook outlines necessary and helpful information related to your university/campus/chapter as well as the expectations of membership. 
    • It is recommended that members use the member handbook throughout their time in the chapter to keep track of goals accomplished and progress made. 
  • FAQ Sheet 
    • Covers the most frequently asked questions related to the new member experience.
  • Resources located
    • myPIKE Resource Center 
      • Located in the ‘new member orientation’ folder under ‘Vice President of Membership Development’ folder
    • Chapter Management System for chapters with access 
  • True PIKE Experience

  • Membership Development Cabinet

  • Back to Resources


The following resources can be accessed through the myPIKE Resource Center: 

  • Video Review Questions – A full list of review questions from the video material. 
  • Overview of Updated Resources – Document reviewing updated resources and further considerations for a virtual new member education program. 
  • Calendar/Schedule of Events – A calendar/schedule of events template with instructions and an example/sample calendar for review. 
  • Garnet and Gold Handbook – Garnet and Gold Handbooks have been made available online for FREE by download via PIKE Protect.