A successful marketing resource strategy is a great way to appeal to incoming freshmen students. Aside from physical resources the chapter can distribute at recruitment events, social media can play a large role as well. Visit the the PIKE Store to see all the physical marketing resources available to your chapter. When it comes to social media marketing, chapters want to ensure they are highlighting the chapter positively, along with appealing to incoming male students. This can be done in many ways, but some things to include could be prominent Pikes, professional development, leadership opportunities, athletics, brotherhood, campus power, and more. All these areas will appeal to an incoming male freshman one way or another. Below are several examples of social media captions to supplement a post that will attract men to your chapter. The posts include prominent Pikes, move-in day, and the importance of brotherhood.

Captions are meant to give your viewers information. While the picture may catch their eye, the caption should give them their next steps. Chapters will want to keep them brief, while also giving enough information. In the examples below you will see there are several opportunities to include a referral link or encourage them to use a link in your bio. A referral form can be created in Chapter Builder and the link can be posted in your chapter’s Instagram bio or in the post itself. The links are a great tool to boost name generation. You may also include your chapter’s website in your bio if you have one, or any other link you want to include.

Use these captions to create your best marketing strategy, and utilize the sample chapter content calendar to organize your posts and never miss a deadline. A few of the captions below have pictures to be used alongside the captions, but chapters are encouraged to use their own photos to highlight their members. Start posting today and recruit the most, best men this recruitment season!

Social Media Posts:

Social Post

“From your car to your dorm, the men of Pi Kappa Alpha are pleased to help you move in at UNIVERSITY on DATE. Simply text NAME at NUMBER with the time and building, and we’ll meet you there!”

Lifelong Brotherhood Post

“A brotherhood that has lasted for over 152 years continues when you join Pi Kappa Alpha at UNIVERSITY. Check out the link in our bio for more information on joining in the fall!”

Here for you Post

“Now more than ever, the men of Pi Kappa Alpha at UNIVERSITY stand ready to help our brothers, universities, and communities. Follow us here for more information on how we’re giving back during COVID-19.”

Create Experience Post

“PIKE has grown to over 300,000 lifetime initiates by innovating within our fraternity for the future. Join us in creating your ideal fraternity experience at UNVERSITY. For more information, check out the link in our bio.”

“It’s no surprise you can see PIKE men on your favorite NCAA or pro sports team, serving as dean of students, or making a lifelong impact in their community. Are you ready to join these men and make your impact? Check out the link in our bio for more info.”

Prominent Pike Post

“Did you know founder of Chick-fil-A, Brother S. Truett Cathy, was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha? For more information on PIKE, visit the link in our bio.”

More Social Post Ideas:

“Did you know PIKE donated over $1.2 million last year to various charities and organizations? It is just one of the many ways Pikes are giving back to their communities throughout the world. Join us by visiting the link in our bio.”

“PIKE at UNIVERSITY achieved a GPA last semester, emphasizing our pursuit of academic excellence every day. At PIKE, scholarship is one of our four core pillars.”

“Join us on DATE for RECRUITMENT EVENT hosted at LOCATION to learn more about how PIKE can lead to your success in college and professionally.”

“Did you know our brothers learn everything from how to prepare their taxes to job interviewing through our True PIKE Development program? Learn more at the link in our bio. (REFERRAL ChapterBuilder Link)”

“Join a lifelong brotherhood that stretches from as far west as Los Angeles all the way to New York and Canada. No matter where in the world you are, you’ll always find a PIKE.”

“From CEOs to politicians, our brothers are leading the way in these uncertain times. PIKE makes sure you succeed no matter where life takes you. Request more information at the link in our bio.”

“The month of May is #MilitaryAppreciationMonth. Our brothers are proud to stand in support of service members all over the world and to the @uso.”

“The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity has been shaping men into leaders, scholars, athletes, and gentlemen for over 150 years. Join us and help create the premier fraternity at SCHOOL. #rushPIKE”

“Join Greek life for an experience of a lifetime. Click the link in our bio to sign up for recruitment!”

“PIKE and leadership go hand-in-hand. #PIKE #RushPIKE”