No Pike succeeds totally on his own. Our success comes from teamwork.

International Awards

The 2021-2022 Year End Summary Application will open April 1st and be available for completion until May 1st. The PIKE International Awards Committee is excited to see what you all were able to accomplish this year. We look forward to celebrating these accomplishments this summer at the International Convention in Louisville! Please reach out to with any questions.

Award Portal

It’s a great time to be a Pike. And the fierce competition to claim one of numerous international awards proved that 2020-2021 was no exception. From recruitment numbers and PIKE U attendance to community service hours and philanthropy dollars raised, chapters posted record numbers in all areas of operations this year.

The Robert Adger Smythe Award recognizes the top 10% of all 200+ PIKE Chapters across North America. Well done, gentlemen!

Awards are listed below in the following order:

Smythe – Dynasty Level
Smythe – Legacy Level
Smythe – Champion Level
Raymond L. Orians Excellence Award
Harvey T. Newell Award – Most Improved Chapter
Scholarship Cup
Scholarship Plate: Recognizing 3.0 Chapter GPA

Robertson Most Outstanding Undergraduate Recipient & Finalist
PIKE University 25 Man Commitment
PIKE University Overall Highest Attendance
International Work Day Awards
Chapter Programming Awards
Chapter Gavels
100+ Man Chapters
Alumni and Volunteer Awards

2020-2021 Recipients

Theta Omicron (Indiana State) – 13th Consecutive Smythe
Zeta Omega (Louisiana-Lafayette) – 12th Consecutive Smythe
Alpha Xi (Cincinnati) – 11th Consecutive Smythe Award
Delta Chi (Nebraska-Omaha) – 9th Consecutive Smythe Award
Eta Rho (Northern Kentucky) – 9th Consecutive Smythe Award
Kappa Pi (South Dakota) – 9th Consecutive Smythe Award
Iota Delta (Rose-Hulman) – 7th Consecutive Smythe Award
Gamma Beta (Nebraska) – 6th Consecutive Smythe Award

Epsilon Lambda (Murray State) – 4th Consecutive Smythe Award
Theta Pi (Alabama-Huntsville) – 4th Consecutive Smythe Award
Lambda Iota (Central Oklahoma) – 4th Consecutive Smythe Award
Zeta Chi (Missouri State) – 3rd Consecutive Smythe Award
Theta Theta (Texas A&M) – 3rd Consecutive Smythe Award

Eta Omicron (Monroe, LA) – 2nd Consecutive Smythe Award
Alpha Kappa (Missouri S&T) – 2nd Consecutive Smythe Award
Kappa Zeta (Louisville) – 1st Smythe Award Since 2018
Beta Chi (Minnesota) – 1st Smythe Award Since 2017
Kappa Epsilon (Rockhurst) – 1st Smythe Award Since 2016
Beta Omicron (Oklahoma) – 1st Smythe Award Ever
Kappa Psi (Cal Poly-Pomona) – 1st Smythe Award Ever
Mu Rho (Christopher Newport) – 1st Smythe Award Ever

Mu Tau (Northern Colorado)
Epsilon Phi (Central Arkansas)
Alpha Xi (Cincinnati)
Lambda Iota (Central Oklahoma)
Beta Theta (Cornell)
Theta Omicron (Indiana State)
Kappa Pi (South Dakota)
Eta Omicron (Monroe, LA)
Zeta Chi (Missouri State)
Beta Mu (Texas)
Epsilon Lambda (Murray State)
Zeta Beta (Delta State)
Lambda Upsilon (McNeese State)
Theta Theta (Texas A&M)
Beta Omicron (Oklahoma)
Delta Chi (Nebraska-Omaha)
Iota Delta (Rose-Hulman)
Beta Upsilon (Boulder, CO)
Alpha Kappa (Missouri S&T)
Zeta Omega (Louisiana-Lafayette)
Gamma Pi (Oregon)
Gamma Beta (Nebraska)
Beta Phi (Purdue)
Kappa Zeta (Louisville)
Beta Chi (Minnesota)
Theta Pi (Alabama-Huntsville)
Delta Xi (Indiana)
Eta Rho (Northern Kentucky)
Kappa Psi (Cal Poly-Pomona)
Kappa Epsilon (Rockhurst)
Mu Rho (Christopher Newport)
Delta Lambda (Florida State)
Delta Nu (Wayne State)
Gamma Chi (Oklahoma State)
Alpha Omega (Kansas State)
Omega (Kentucky)
Alpha Gamma (Louisiana State)

Epsilon Omicron (Stephen F. Austin State)

Beta Chi (Minnesota)

Exterior Project Award – Theta Omicron (Indiana State)
Interior Project Award – Alpha Kappa (Missouri S&T)
House of Quarter 1 – Gamma Iota (Mississippi)
House of Quarter 2 – Alpha Gamma (Louisiana State)
House of Quarter 3 – Theta Omicron (Indiana State)
House of Quarter 4 – Gamma Chi (Oklahoma State)
Overall Work Day – Delta Epsilon (Tennessee-Chattanooga)
Improvement Project of the Year – Alpha Gamma (Louisiana State)
Daniel W. Corah House of the Year – Gamma Chi (Oklahoma State)

For more information, contact the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation at (901) 748-1948 or email