b"Not many men can claim to have lived an extraordinary life. A life that has alasting impact. A life that has, in many ways, led others to a path of success.Marvin Dennis (Illinois, Beta Eta 56) led such a life, and he has left a legacyto inspire generations to come. Served as PresidentMarvin was born in rural Illinois, the oldest of seven children. He graduated of the Foundationfrom Byron High School, where he still holds the school record for mostpoints scored in a basketball season. Marvin received his Bachelor of Beta Eta ChapterScience degree from the University of Illinois, a law degree from DePaul HousingUniversity and a M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.CorporationThroughout his life, Marvin was a loving husband, father of two daughters, VolunteerJulie and Laura, and he was an outstanding brother of Pi Kappa Alpha. Infact, Marvin contributed over 55 years of service and dedication to his Trustee Emeritusbeloved Fraternity. Marvin considered PIKE to be an integral part of his success, and spent Inducted into themany years paying it forward through volunteering, mentoring, and above Order of Westall, offering his leadership. In recognition, Marvin has been bestowed with Range many of the Fraternitys greatest awards and accolades. Marvins PIKE legacywill reinforce his good work for generations to come. It started in 1998, with Loyalty Award a mission to promote strong leadership and education in fraternal life, theWinnerDennis family contributed the lead gift of $175,000 to kick off the ChapterPresidents Leadership Conference Gift Challenge Campaign. The campaignwould raise nearly half a million dollars, completely endowing the annualconference at the time.In addition, after Marvin entered Chapter Eternal in April 2019,honoring Marvin and Nancys wishes, the Dennis family contributed$585,000 in support of the Fraternitys professional development andleadership programs, including the Chapter Executives Conference(CEC), from the family trust. In total, the familys contributions wouldallow each chapters president, treasurer, and recruitment chairmanto attend the CEC, and grow the program's endowment to over $1.1million, cementing the CECs position as a world-class leadershipconference with the funding to match.We honor Marvins legacy by continuing the spirit of hisgood work. We must provide a meaningful, lifelongfraternity experience and ensure that PIKE represents itsfounding values and the best each of us aspires to bejust as Marvin Dennis did in his lifetime. Thank you,Marvin, Nancy, and family for your fine example andyour love for the Pi Kappa Alpha experience. 7"