b"Providing our members free and confidential mentalhealth resources and support 24/7.2,531site visitors (355% increase from 2019)93% of visitors accessed resources during the peakof the COVID-19 pandemicRoughly 15% of undergraduates sought helpthrough PIKELifeline90% funded by the Blake Nicholas CaummisaurMemorial Fund PIKE University is well known for its leadership programming, but itsHealth & Safety curriculum is quickly becoming more refined andmore relevant to our undergraduates. Our main objective is to prepareProgramming delivered live at eight regional leadership summits these young men to have theUndergraduate Attendees: tools to handle any health or2019-2020: 2,946 safety issue that arises - with2020-2021: 2,186guidance. I was inspired by theTotal of 18 hours dedicated to Mental Health & Safety conversations of the applicationof these methods during COVID-19 and the associated mentalhealth challenges.Planning Pre-Problem ProblemPost Problem - Daniel L. Ryan Anticipating risks, Warning sign Bystander Victim support, Chief Learning Officerhavingrecognition, taking intervention, individual accountability, preventative action to mitigate immediate action and a planning phasemeasures in place. potential problems. is needed.re-evaluation.We will always encourage our members to look out for one another - body and mind. This trainingmodule, crafted by the JED Foundation*, will assist undergraduate members with identifying andsupporting brothers who may be struggling with a mental health challenge. These preventativemeasures will save lives and help our members to expand how they view being their brother'skeeper.Throughout college, students experience a lot of emotional and mental strain, driving them toseek different methods of unwinding. Unfortunately, many develop unhealthy coping mechanisms,often in the form of prescription drugs, leading to addiction. A partnership with Generation Rx**will provide educational curriculum and training resources to help prevent the misuse or abuse ofprescription medications.*https://www.jedfoundation.org/**https://generationrx.org/ 3"