b"With a chapter support plan in place, the Foundation quicklymobilized a national alumni engagement effort, PIKE NOW tosupport it.The PIKE Now campaign provided seamless access to directlysupport a specific chapter. Nearly 1,000 alumni and parents madedonations in support of Pike's crisis strategy, and 21 chaptersexceeded their $1,800 goal. It was clearly donor passion that won the day for PIKE Now. Ouralumni donors and friends of the Fraternity knew they were needednow and rallied behind the initiatives to ensure our young men weresupported through one of the most challenging times of their lives.Gamma Chi (Oklahoma State): $6,659.00Theta Omicron (Indiana State): $4,359.59Alpha Omega (Kansas State): $3,600.39Gamma Upsilon (Tulsa): $3,103.75Gamma Omega (Miami): $2,617.50Epsilon Upsilon (Gannon): $2,585.00Delta Gamma (Miami University):$2,314.76Gamma Tau (Rensselaer): $2,258.16Theta Pi (Alabama-Huntsville): $2,233.75Delta Psi (Maryland):$2,225.25Lambda Zeta (Drexel): $2,215.60Alpha Nu (Missouri): $2,171.20Delta Eta (Delaware): $2,160.25Sigma (Vanderbilt): $2,136.50Iota Delta (Rose-Hulman):$2,095.65Eta Omicron (Monroe, LA):$2,057.00Tau (North Carolina): $2,004.00Mu Mu (Jacksonville): $1,854.00Delta Rho (Linfield): $1,808.10Beta Eta (Illinois): $1,807.50Alpha Mu (Georgia):$1,802.00Thank you, Brother John Lewington, for yourdedication to Iota Delta. Your willingness to engageyour network to make a difference inspired 15others to give! Dollars Raised: $1,483.652Donors Acquired: 15"