b'In March 2020, many of our students went home for what they thought would be an extended spring break.Those two weeks became a month, then two months, and soon we found ourselves faced with anunprecedented global pandemic that sent shock waves through higher education. Many chapter houses closedtheir doors, campuses shut down, and students became isolated.How could PIKE protect the mental healthand social well-being of our young brothers under such conditions? Where will they live? How will they learn?Would isolation affect their development?Never have we had to reexamine our core purpose and the value we offer to our brothers so closely. As planswere set in motion, we considered not only the unique challenges of 2020 and undoubtedly 2021, but after.With this goal as our guide, we created a host of solutions to implement immediately.Here are the strategies that you helped deploy to ensure leadership, personal development, and above allbrotherhood remained a priority:Facilitated virtual operational management visits with each chapter to designstrategies for chapter operations in a pandemic environmentEquipped each chapter with Zoom video conferencing to conduct chapteroperations and foster social engagementDeployed ChapterBuilder CRM for every chapter to manage virtual and onsiterecruitment Connected chapters and house corporations with Pike vendors for acquisitionof PPE equipment and supplies Made mental health & wellbeing resources available to all membersPromoted PIKELifeline: 24/7 anonymous, confidential, online resource centerand helpline for mental health Provided online chapter resources for COVID-19 management Offered free access to virtual PIKE University Leadership Summits Connected students with alumni network for mentoring, internship, and jobplacement opportunities1'