b'One of the treasured itemsin the Freeman H. HartMemorial Museum at PiKappa Alphas InternationalMemorial Headquarters isthe oldest known badgebelonging to a member of PiKappa Alpha, GammaChapter (William & Mary)Founding Father RobertMorton Hughes 1871.A recent discovery within the PIKE Archive shedsnew light on this artifact.A review of NationalHistorian Freeman H. Harts files unveiled originalcorrespondence from the 1930s documenting theauthenticity of the badge and its place in history.In 1936, Hughes presented the badge to Hart, notas a loan, but with the request that you present it tothe Fraternity in my name, with my complimentsand cordial fraternal greetings.Brother Hughes went on to say: [July 31, 1936]It must be one of the oldest badges in existence. Iwas one of the charter members of GammaChapter in February 1871.This was just before oneof the public exercises of the college, and wewanted our badges to wear at the celebration.Some of the Alpha members let us have theirs, sothey were not new.Of course, we paid for them,and the Alpha men bought others.We had a hard struggle in those early days ofpoverty and small college enrollments, and when Ilook back to them, the work of our successorsseems almost miraculous.Signature: RMH9'