b"Pi Kappa Alpha has taken the first steps in an exciting new project thatwill change the landscape of our historical preservation responsibilities.We are building a centralized digital repository that contains all of PIKE'sSandra H. Newsom started her important archival holdings. This undertaking, fueled a partnership withjourney with Pi Kappa Alpha in HistoryIT, professionals in the world of expanding and transforming the1982. Since then, she has way historical collections are viewed, accessed, and utilized.PIKE andbecome a pivotal leader and HistoryIT are in the first steps of this venture, and everyone involved isadvocate for new and bold passionate about the rich history of Pi Kappa Alpha: ideas.Newsoms roles andtitles have changed often in her Over the course of 150 years, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (PIKE) has dedicated38 years with PIKE, but one itself to advancing the integrity, intellect, and moral character of men. Morething remains constant: she than 300,000 members have been impacted by this mission to fully realizechampions constant innovation their own potential and to give back to their communities. In every generation,for the Fraternity that is rooted Pikes have experienced their own triumphs and challenges in applying thein tradition and values.Fraternitys principles to the times in which they live. Often, these experiencesmirror the broader trends in western history, politics, and popular culture.Her influence and forward-thinking attitude have no limits. PIKE has amassed a collection of valuable archival holdings that collectivelyShe installed the Fraternity's constitute the raw materials with which to tell stories from the Fraternitysfirst national computer system, past. This archive is a unique and powerful resource that the organization hasmembership database, and is not yet fully utilized. responsible for modernizingmany areas of operations.- HistoryIT Survey ReportToday, she is managing anexciting new project that willchange the landscape of PiKappa Alphas historicalpreservation responsibilities.Newsom has many proudmoments when she reflects onher time with PIKE, and shefeels this endeavor will havemuch to offer the brothers of PiKappa Alpha for years to come. To lend my personal expertiseand experience to the partnershipwith HistoryIT is the ultimateachievement of a long, rewardingcareer with Pi Kappa Alpha. - Sandra H. Newsom 8"