The wait is over! Membership Development and the True PIKE Experience are now at every member’s fingertips. Every member has now been registered for the Chapter Management System where a host of self-paced personal and professional development modules will be accessible. Be sure to check the email associated with your myPIKE account for instructions to create your account. Now that you have access to these freshly minted resources let’s break down what they actually are!

What’s this for?

For years Pi Kappa Alpha has implemented the True PIKE Experience within our chapters as a peer-to-peer educational program that encourages personal and professional development in the form of PowerPoint-facilitated sessions. Technology is evolving, and so are we. We’ve taken this useful content and transitioned it into interactive e-learning modules that can be taken as each member pleases. This technological transition now puts the ability of personal growth at each member’s fingertips, regardless of chapter operation level.

Where does the content come from?

The courses available within the Chapter Management System come from a variety of sources. A large amount of the courses have been acquired through Pi Kappa Alpha’s partnership with Adobe. These courses are utilized by some of the top companies in the world to onboard and develop their employees, and now our members can benefit from that same knowledge throughout their college experience. Some of the recognizable content providers you’ll see within the system are Skillsoft, Enspark, MindScaling, Maestro Elearning, PLAID, Articulate, and many others. The rest of the courses are being internally developed for topics in the realm of recruitment practices and understanding Pi Kappa Alpha’s purpose and ritual. All in all, members will have the opportunity to gain valuable insight and skills from titans of the e-learning industry throughout the different phases of their True PIKE Experience!

What do I get out of this?

We’ve already demonstrated the valuable knowledge you’ll get out of these courses, but that’s not all. Upon completion of each of the 8 competencies within the True PIKE Experience members will receive a badge and certificate. These badges and certificates will clearly articulate the skill developed, the content providers utilized, and the topics covered throughout your journey. This in-depth breakdown of what your certification actually means will help members demonstrate to peers and employers what they got out of their True PIKE Experience.

8 competencies?

The True PIKE Experience is comprised of eight core competencies: Leadership Development, Professional Development, Life Skills, Purpose & Ritual, Management Skills, Organizational Marketing, Recruitment Skills, and Health & Safety. These 8 competencies relay back to the True PIKE Commitments that are integral to our organization’s ritual, values, purpose, and mission. Each competency is comprised of 8 courses that build off of each other to develop a well-rounded skill, as well as providing members with topics that are important during the different phases of their college experience. For example, within the Life Skills competency, younger members will learn Time Management Skills early, whereas the more senior members can focus on networking skills. Check out the True PIKE Experience Landing Page to see the full True PIKE Experience Roadmap!

How do I get started?

To take advantage of this opportunity visit the email account that is associated with your myPIKE Account. You should have received a welcome message from that outlines the quick steps to create and access your account. Once logged in visit the True PIKE Experience catalog to start your Journey and unlock all the knowledge, badging, and benefits that can set you on a path to unrivaled success!

Don’t see the email? Contact for help getting started!