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The Master Calendar – Building + Communicating

Your road map for the year.

Contrary to many other positions in the chapter, the secretary position does not involve organizing or putting on events throughout the year. However, it is the duty of the secretary to document all chapter events that are taking place by organizing and communicating the chapter calendar. The calendar that is maintained and updated by the secretary should contain every chapter event and any other dates that are relevant to the chapter, campus and community.


The secretary will solicit the chapter for events over email, Facebook and even during chapter meetings. Whenever you receive information about events, make sure that this information is documented in the calendar you are keeping. Additionally, make sure you share this calendar with members of the chapter either through email, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or any other means that will successfully inform members of the chapter of upcoming events. It may be helpful to share the calendar you are keeping electronically while also sending out weekly email reminders and reading the calendar in chapter because it is also a part of a general chapter meeting agenda. Regular communication will help constantly remind members of the different events that they have available to them.


It may not be your primary job to set up and organize all the events that the chapter will be putting on. It is extremely important, however, that you fulfill this part of your duties as secretary because your duties will directly impact the overall outcome of all chapter events. If you can remain organized and clearly communicate all chapter happenings to the membership, the chapter will see greater results from their events and ultimately realize a better chapter and fraternal experience.


An initiative to get you started might be to reference the Annual Planner, where you’ll find important dates as they pertain to the International Fraternity throughout the year. It may also be a good idea to gather calendars from both your university and your Fraternity and Sorority Life community. Above everything, start gathering dates from officers and chairman and identify what that process will look like throughout the year. If you’re struggling to maintain a chapter calendar, reach out to your chapter consultant.

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