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Ensure continued success.

It is vital to the performance of your chapter that there is some transfer of knowledge to the next secretary when your tenure is complete. This knowledge should be communicated in person and in writing through physical documentation.


The purpose of the physical documentation is to ensure that information is available for the new secretary to easily reference during his tenure in the position. Documentation to include would be anything that could help your successor including (but not limited to): the chapter roster, meeting minutes, templates for agendas, templates for minutes, documentation of previous secretary issues, slideshows, e-mail correspondence, notes to successor, etc. A sample event summary can be found on page 15 of the secretary handbook. A sample contact list can be found on page 16 and a notes to successor template can be found on page 17. Again, the physical documentation pertains to anything that would help your successor transition more easily into his new position, so please ensure the physical documentation is organized.


Once the physical documentation is compiled, then you will be able to sit down with your successor to have a transition meeting. During this meeting, you want to make sure to describe the overall position and detail the physical documentation. Communicate anything to your successor that will be helpful and may be difficult to understand in the physical documentation. It is beneficial to review the goals that you set as secretary, to help the new secretary set goals and to discuss any points that may be of difficulty during his tenure or that affected you while holding the position. Taking notes during this meeting will ensure that everyone is aware of what was discussed on the development of the secretary position.


You will ensure a successful transition for your successor if you are able to transfer physical documentation and conduct an in-person transition meeting. By ensuring proper transfer of knowledge takes place, the chapter will be able to continually accomplish the duties of the secretary.

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