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New Member Orientation

Establishing a foundational culture.

Prior to beginning the new member education phase of the TPE, it is a best practice for the new member educator to facilitate a new member orientation in order for the new members to meet each other, get acquainted with each other and to establish the expectations of membership at the outset of joining the Fraternity. Below is a sample script for the new member orientation. It is not intended to be, so ideally your chapter would specify the details around member expectations that may be outlined in your chapter bylaws and/or membership contract.










Welcome and congratulations on joining Pi Kappa Alpha. The chapter recruits men who possess the characteristics that have become synonymous with Pi Kappa Alpha here at (University), but it does not mean that the chapter intends to mold each new member into a carbon copy of what it considers to be the “ideal” brother. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of the chapter is its diversity. Every member brings new ideas and new insights, which help to distinguish ourselves as the best fraternity at this university. Most importantly, all of this is accomplished while maintaining a positive image and gentlemanly conduct.



My primary goal as the new member educator is to prepare you for your tenure as an undergraduate member of this fraternity by informing and giving you pertinent information and materials.



Expectations of all Chapter Members (Not Just New Members)




Since you are now a member of this fraternity, you are expected to follow all the expectations of an initiated member. The following items are the basic expectations of all chapter members.



  1. Attend the minimum required chapter, new member, brother leader, fraternity leader and community leader member educational meetings and learn all materials assigned for each meeting, including the completion of the GreekLifeEDU health & safety modules.


  1. Bring to each chapter and member development meeting your Garnet & Gold, your officer or chairman handbook, calendar, member handbook and note-taking material.


  1. Attend the minimum required community service, fundraising, recruitment and alumni events. If you cannot attend, notify someone on the executive council.


  1. Pay all financial obligations in a timely manner.


  1. Join at least one other campus organization (see the campus involvement chairman).


  1. Join at least one committee in the chapter/provisional chapter.


  1. Actively participate in the recruitment of new members.


  1. Demonstrate sincere attitude toward becoming an active part of the chapter.


  1. Follow all chapter/provisional chapter, IFC, university, local, state and national laws and policies.


  1. Achieve academic grades at or above the minimum expectation set by the chapter/provisional chapter and the Fraternity Constitution & Codes.


  1. Be your brother’s keeper


You will not have any special rules imposed on you. The chapter expects you to fulfill all the expectations listed above and that are explained in the bylaws and membership contract, as well as the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Standards.



Remember it is important to set the expectations of membership at the outset as it will set the tone and culture for your chapter and ultimately position your chapter for success long term.

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