ChapterBuilder takes your recruitment to the next level.

What is ChapterBuilder?

The main reason people join our Fraternity is the relationships they have with our members. ChapterBuilder has made managing relationships year-round a priority. Recruitment has become more efficient and effective through better organization of names, streamlining communication, and collaboration among chapter members.

Why should my chapter use ChapterBuilder?

Since its implementation, chapters that successfully utilized the software have seen their initiation classes grow by five percent. ChapterBuilder allows you to reach more potential new members, ensure communication is consistent and effective, and ensure the entire chapter is involved in the recruitment process.

This software is FREE to all PIKE chapters, so take advantage of this opportunity and take your recruitment program to the next level.

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Getting Started

To get started building your chapter’s account, reach out to your previous recruitment chairman or president to gain access. If they are unsure how to add you to the account check the tab below Building Your Team. Otherwise, you can contact the Director of Membership Growth at and request access to your chapter’s account.

You can sign up for a FREE ChapterBuilder webinar with TechniPhi by clicking the orange ‘Help’ icon on the right-hand side and selecting ‘Schedule a Training’. All webinars are available Mondays at 1:00 pm Central Time. Additionally, I encourage you to keep reading to learn about the most used features and how to ensure your chapter is using the software to its fullest potential. These are only a few of the many ways to use ChapterBuilder effectively, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Learn how to set up your ChapterBuilder account, upload potential new members, and other ChapterBuilder best practices on the PIKE Blog.