Chapter consultants are the primary point of contact for our over 200 chapters and provisional chapters. All consultants have training and expertise in areas such as recruitment, health and safety, operational efficiency, goal setting, resource implementation, and educational programming.

To find your consultant, search your chapter designation or university name below. Questions? Please reach out.

DesignationUniversityConsultantInternational GroupContact
Alpha ZetaUniversity of Arkansas-FayettevilleLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Beta OmicronUniversity of OklahomaLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Gamma UpsilonUniversity of TulsaLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Gamma ChiOklahoma State UniversityLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Delta ThetaArkansas State UniversityLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Epsilon PhiUniversity of Central ArkansasLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Epsilon OmegaEast Central UniversityLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Theta EpsilonNortheastern State UniversityLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Lambda IotaUniversity of Central OklahomaLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Mu SigmaArkansas Tech UniversityLogan SmithArkomaContact Me
Beta ThetaCornell UniversityGeorge HoyeAtlantic CoastContact Me
Gamma TauRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteGeorge HoyeAtlantic CoastContact Me
Delta EtaUniversity of DelawareGeorge HoyeAtlantic CoastContact Me
Lambda GammaMontclair State UniversityGeorge HoyeAtlantic CoastContact Me
Lambda PiHofstra UniversityGeorge HoyeAtlantic CoastContact Me
Mu AlphaRowan UniversityGeorge HoyeAtlantic CoastContact Me
Mu GammaBinghamton University - State University of NYGeorge HoyeAtlantic CoastContact Me
KappaTransylvania UniversityNicholas HopkinsBluegrassContact Me
OmegaUniversity of KentuckyNicholas HopkinsBluegrassContact Me
Alpha LambdaGeorgetown CollegeNicholas HopkinsBluegrassContact Me
Epsilon LambdaMurray State UniversityNicholas HopkinsBluegrassContact Me
Zeta EpsilonWestern Kentucky UniversityNicholas HopkinsBluegrassContact Me
Zeta TauEastern Kentucky UniversityNicholas HopkinsBluegrassContact Me
Eta RhoNorthern Kentucky UniversityNicholas HopkinsBluegrassContact Me
Kappa ZetaUniversity of LouisvilleNicholas HopkinsBluegrassContact Me
Alpha GammaLouisiana State UniversityLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Alpha IotaMillsaps CollegeLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Gamma ThetaMississippi State UniversityLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Gamma IotaUniversity of MississippiLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Gamma PsiLouisiana Tech UniversityLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Delta MuUniversity of Southern MississippiLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Zeta BetaDelta State UniversityLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Zeta OmegaUniversity of Louisiana-LafayetteLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Eta OmicronUniversity of Louisiana-MonroeLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Lambda UpsilonMcNeese State UniversityLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Mu KappaNorthwestern State University of LouisianaLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
Mu NuSoutheastern Louisiana UniversityLogan SmithDeltaContact Me
UpsilonAuburn UniversityNicholas HopkinsDogwoodContact Me
Gamma AlphaUniversity of AlabamaNicholas HopkinsDogwoodContact Me
Eta KappaUniversity of South AlabamaNicholas HopkinsDogwoodContact Me
Theta AlphaUniversity of North AlabamaNicholas HopkinsDogwoodContact Me
Theta PiUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleNicholas HopkinsDogwoodContact Me
Mu UpsilonJacksonville State UniversityNicholas HopkinsDogwoodContact Me
EpsilonVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversityColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
IotaHampden-Sydney CollegeColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
PiWashington and Lee UniversityColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
PhiRoanoke CollegeColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
Delta PsiUniversity of Maryland-College ParkColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
Zeta IotaOld Dominion UniversityColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
Iota SigmaJames Madison UniversityColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
Kappa ThetaGeorge Mason UniversityColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
Kappa UpsilonAmerican UniversityColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
Lambda ChiVirginia Commonwealth UniversityColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
Lambda OmegaTowson UniversityColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
Mu RhoChristopher Newport UniversityColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
AlphaUniversity of VirginiaColton SteeleFoundersContact Me
Gamma EtaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Delta KappaSan Diego State UniversityRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Theta PsiChapman UniversityRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Iota EpsilonCalifornia State University-Long BeachRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Kappa OmicronUniversity of Nevada-Las VegasRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Kappa PhiUniversity of California-San DiegoRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Kappa PsiCalifornia State Polytechnic University-PomonaRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Lambda LambdaUniversity of California-IrvineRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Mu EpsilonCalifornia State University-FullertonRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Mu ChiCalifornia State University-San BernardinoRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Provisional Chapter at California State-NorthridgeCalifornia State University-NorthridgeRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Provisional Chapter at Univ of Calif-Los AngelesUniversity of California-Los AngelesRichard Word, Jr.Golden WestContact Me
Zeta Alpha AKettering UniversityGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Zeta Alpha BKettering UniversityGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Beta TauUniversity of MichiganGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Delta NuWayne State UniversityGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Epsilon PsiWestern Michigan UniversityGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Zeta KappaFerris State UniversityGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Zeta LambdaAdrian CollegeGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Iota IotaMichigan State UniversityGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Iota OmegaUniversity of Western OntarioGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Kappa MuWilfrid Laurier UniversityGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Mu DeltaMcMaster UniversityGeorge HoyeGreat LakesContact Me
Beta ChiUniversity of MinnesotaGeorge HoyeGreat PlainsContact Me
Gamma BetaUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnGeorge HoyeGreat PlainsContact Me
Gamma NuUniversity of IowaGreydon TurnerGreat PlainsContact Me
Delta ChiUniversity of Nebraska-OmahaGreydon TurnerGreat PlainsContact Me
Zeta RhoUniversity of North DakotaGreydon TurnerGreat PlainsContact Me
Theta ZetaUniversity of Northern IowaGreydon TurnerGreat PlainsContact Me
Iota GammaUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyGreydon TurnerGreat PlainsContact Me
Kappa PiUniversity of South DakotaGreydon TurnerGreat PlainsContact Me
Mu OmicronSouth Dakota State UniversityGreydon TurnerGreat PlainsContact Me
Alpha KappaMissouri University of Science and TechnologyGreydon TurnerHeartlandContact Me
Alpha NuUniversity of MissouriGreydon TurnerHeartlandContact Me
Alpha OmegaKansas State UniversityGreydon TurnerHeartlandContact Me
Epsilon IotaSoutheast Missouri State UniversityGreydon TurnerHeartlandContact Me
Epsilon ChiPittsburg State UniversityGreydon TurnerHeartlandContact Me
Zeta ChiMissouri State UniversityGreydon TurnerHeartlandContact Me
Kappa EpsilonRockhurst UniversityGreydon TurnerHeartlandContact Me
Lambda EtaWilliam Woods UniversityGreydon TurnerHeartlandContact Me
Mu PhiNorthwest Missouri State UniversityGreydon TurnerHeartlandContact Me
Beta AlphaPennsylvania State UniversityGeorge HoyeKeystoneContact Me
Beta PiUniversity of PennsylvaniaGeorge HoyeKeystoneContact Me
Beta SigmaCarnegie Mellon UniversityGeorge HoyeKeystoneContact Me
Gamma SigmaUniversity of PittsburghGeorge HoyeKeystoneContact Me
Epsilon UpsilonGannon UniversityGeorge HoyeKeystoneContact Me
Lambda ZetaDrexel UniversityGeorge HoyeKeystoneContact Me
Mu LambdaWest Chester UniversityGeorge HoyeKeystoneContact Me
Alpha OmicronSouthwestern UniversityRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Beta MuUniversity of Texas at AustinRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Epsilon GammaTexas Tech UniversityRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Epsilon DeltaUniversity of North TexasRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Epsilon KappaLamar UniversityRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Epsilon OmicronStephen F. Austin State UniversityRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Epsilon PiSam Houston State UniversityRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Eta EpsilonAngelo State UniversityRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Eta UpsilonUniversity of Texas-ArlingtonRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Theta ThetaTexas A&M UniversityRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Theta XiTexas A&M University-CommerceRichard Word, Jr.Lone StarContact Me
Alpha DeltaGeorgia Institute of TechnologyNicholas HopkinsMagnoliaContact Me
Alpha MuUniversity of GeorgiaNicholas HopkinsMagnoliaContact Me
Epsilon NuGeorgia State UniversityNicholas HopkinsMagnoliaContact Me
Eta SigmaUniversity of West GeorgiaNicholas HopkinsMagnoliaContact Me
Theta GammaGeorgia College and State UniversityNicholas HopkinsMagnoliaContact Me
Iota UpsilonGeorgia Southern UniversityNicholas HopkinsMagnoliaContact Me
Beta EtaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Beta XiUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Beta PhiPurdue UniversityColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Gamma RhoNorthwestern UniversityColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Delta XiIndiana University BloomingtonColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Delta SigmaBradley UniversityColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Epsilon BetaValparaiso UniversityColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Zeta GammaEastern Illinois UniversityColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Theta KappaIndiana University SoutheastColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Theta OmicronIndiana State UniversityColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Iota DeltaRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Iota XiUniversity of ChicagoColton SteeleMidwestContact Me
Epsilon AlphaTrinity CollegeGeorge HoyeNew EnglandContact Me
Kappa DeltaNortheastern UniversityGeorge HoyeNew EnglandContact Me
Kappa IotaUniversity of Rhode IslandGeorge HoyeNew EnglandContact Me
Lambda DeltaUniversity of VermontGeorge HoyeNew EnglandContact Me
Lambda NuBoston UniversityGeorge HoyeNew EnglandContact Me
Beta BetaUniversity of WashingtonGreydon TurnerNorthwestContact Me
Beta NuOregon State UniversityGreydon TurnerNorthwestContact Me
Gamma KappaMontana State UniversityGreydon TurnerNorthwestContact Me
Gamma XiWashington State UniversityGreydon TurnerNorthwestContact Me
Gamma PiUniversity of OregonGreydon TurnerNorthwestContact Me
Delta RhoLinfield UniversityGreydon TurnerNorthwestContact Me
Zeta MuUniversity of IdahoGreydon TurnerNorthwestContact Me
Lambda EpsilonUniversity of AlbertaGreydon TurnerNorthwestContact Me
Provisional Chapter at Boise State UniversityBoise State UniversityGreydon TurnerNorthwestContact Me
Alpha SigmaUniversity of California-BerkeleyGreydon TurnerPacific CoastContact Me
Theta TauCalifornia State University-SacramentoGreydon TurnerPacific CoastContact Me
Theta OmegaUniversity of California-DavisGreydon TurnerPacific CoastContact Me
Iota BetaCalifornia State University-FresnoGreydon TurnerPacific CoastContact Me
Iota OmicronSanta Clara UniversityGreydon TurnerPacific CoastContact Me
Kappa NuUniversity of the PacificGreydon TurnerPacific CoastContact Me
Lambda PsiCalifornia State University-ChicoGreydon TurnerPacific CoastContact Me
MuPresbyterian CollegeNicholas HopkinsPalmettoContact Me
NuWofford CollegeNicholas HopkinsPalmettoContact Me
XiUniversity of South CarolinaNicholas HopkinsPalmettoContact Me
Eta AlphaClemson UniversityNicholas HopkinsPalmettoContact Me
Theta SigmaWinthrop UniversityNicholas HopkinsPalmettoContact Me
Lambda KappaCollege of CharlestonNicholas HopkinsPalmettoContact Me
Provisional Chapter at Francis Marion UniversityFrancis Marion UniversityNicholas HopkinsPalmettoContact Me
TauThe University of North Carolina at Chapel HillColton SteelePineContact Me
Alpha AlphaDuke UniversityColton SteelePineContact Me
Gamma PhiWake Forest UniversityColton SteelePineContact Me
Delta OmegaHigh Point UniversityColton SteelePineContact Me
Zeta XiWestern Carolina UniversityColton SteelePineContact Me
Iota PsiAppalachian State UniversityColton SteelePineContact Me
Lambda RhoUniversity of North Carolina-GreensboroColton SteelePineContact Me
Lambda PhiUniversity of North Carolina-WilmingtonColton SteelePineContact Me
Mu EtaMethodist UniversityColton SteelePineContact Me
Alpha XiUniversity of CincinnatiGeorge HoyeRiver ValleyContact Me
Gamma OmicronOhio UniversityGeorge HoyeRiver ValleyContact Me
Delta GammaMiami UniversityGeorge HoyeRiver ValleyContact Me
Epsilon EpsilonUniversity of ToledoGeorge HoyeRiver ValleyContact Me
Mu ThetaKent State UniversityGeorge HoyeRiver ValleyContact Me
Alpha TauUniversity of UtahRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Beta DeltaUniversity of New MexicoRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Beta UpsilonUniversity of Colorado BoulderRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Gamma DeltaUniversity of ArizonaRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Gamma EpsilonUtah State UniversityRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Delta TauArizona State UniversityRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Theta RhoNorthern Arizona UniversityRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Iota AlphaUniversity of WyomingRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Kappa EtaNew Mexico State UniversityRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Mu TauUniversity of Northern ColoradoRichard Word, Jr.RockiesContact Me
Alpha EtaUniversity of FloridaLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Gamma OmegaUniversity of MiamiLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Delta DeltaFlorida Southern CollegeLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Delta LambdaFlorida State UniversityLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Delta UpsilonStetson UniversityLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Zeta PiUniversity of South FloridaLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Zeta SigmaFlorida Institute of TechnologyLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Eta PiUniversity of West FloridaLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Lambda BetaFlorida Atlantic UniversityLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Lambda MuEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona BeachLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Lambda XiFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
Mu MuJacksonville UniversityLogan SmithSunshineContact Me
ZetaUniversity of Tennessee-KnoxvilleNicholas HopkinsVolunteerContact Me
ThetaRhodes CollegeNicholas HopkinsVolunteerContact Me
SigmaVanderbilt UniversityNicholas HopkinsVolunteerContact Me
Delta EpsilonUniversity of Tennessee-ChattanoogaNicholas HopkinsVolunteerContact Me
Epsilon SigmaUniversity of Tennessee at MartinNicholas HopkinsVolunteerContact Me
Eta TauAustin Peay State UniversityNicholas HopkinsVolunteerContact Me
Theta UpsilonTennessee Technological UniversityNicholas HopkinsVolunteerContact Me