Any and every successful business leader in the world is consistently looking to the technological realm for solutions to engage, motivate, and create more efficiency within their organizations. You as a Chapter leader are no different. Every chapter meeting, every executive council meeting, every day you are analyzing the sentiments, engagement, and success of the overall chapter, as well as each individual brother inside of it. For years, the Fraternity offered no technological aid for chapters to organize and disseminate information to the general chapter member. Finally, that wait is over. The Adobe Captivate Chapter Management System (CMS) is the solution provided free of charge to all Pi Kappa Alpha Chapters, Provisional Chapters, and its members.  


The Chapter Management System provides a variety of unique features within the system to provide Chapter leaders with a resource that can effectively organize chapter information and track member engagement in the process.  


Chapter leaders have the ability to create any and every activity/event that is hosted by the chapter throughout the year. The activity can be completed with all information necessary for attendance such as date, time, duration, location, event description, and tags that represent the skills needed for the event. Chapter Leaders also have the option to register members for the event if it is mandatory or allow members to register themselves for events that are not mandatory. These events are then populated in the my activities or catalog tabs, as well as populated in the Calendar feature on the home page.  


For years Chapter Meetings have been extended by the arduous roll-taking process, where the secretary is tasked with calling each member’s name to see if they are present or absent. Thanks to the CMS this grueling process is no more. Inside each activity chapter leaders have the opportunity to track attendance of their members through manual input or QR Code tracking. Leaders can print out or download a QR code that members can scan upon arrival to be marked as present. This quick process can ensure accuracy with attendance tracking and save endless amounts of time.  


As was previously mentioned the system allows chapter leaders to attach tags/skills to each created activity. Some of these include Community Service, Academic Achievement, Recruitment, etc. These tags/skills are also given point values based on importance to growth of the individual and impact on the chapter. When a member is marked as attended for the event, they are awarded the point values that were attached to the event. For example, the Omega Omega Chapter is hosting their monthly highway cleanup event, the event was given a value of 10 points for Community Service. Julian Edward Wood arrives at 9:00 am to get his orange vest and a trash bag, while checking in he also scans the QR code the Community Service Chairmen printed beforehand. Julian is now awarded 10 points towards his point total on the Chapter Leaderboard, visible to every member within the Chapter.  


Fraternity Standards, Membership Contract, Chapter By-Laws and Meeting minutes, all important documents that members should be able to always access. The Chapter Management System also contains a resource drive where leaders can upload any and every important document for chapter viewing. They have the ability to choose enrollment for these documents as well, for example if there was template for the House lease that the chapter only wants members who live in the house to access, they would only enroll those members. Resources can also be attached to a specific activity for easier navigation and organization. Attaching meeting minutes to the Chapter Meeting activity so members can easily find them would be an example of that feature.  


Providing individual members with the opportunity to mold their Fraternity experience and personal development is a chief priority as we seek to Reimagine Fraternity. In pursuit of this objective, we are ecstatic to begin unveiling e-content modules for members centered around personal development, chapter development, and officer training. These modules will be available for members to learn at their own pace in every facet of the True Pike Experience. This content is developed by e-content industry leaders, as well as Pi Kappa Alpha Staff all available free of charge to our membership. New modules plan to be rolled out over time to consistently provide members with the most relevant information and topics.  


Tangible certification for learning and achievement is more important now than ever before in the age of disinformation. The Badge feature within the Chapter Management System is our opportunity to provide members with verifiable certification for their accomplishments during their time in undergraduate membership. As members complete learning modules, reach accomplishments through chapter involvement and many other areas they will receive downloadable badges that can be uploaded to social media or added to resumes. Endorsing their ability to parlay skills learned in membership into workforce application.  


As has been laid out, the Chapter Management System has a litany of features available that are difficult to find all in one place with other platforms. As a chapter leader you are measuring how you can most effectively organize your chapter operations, as well as provide the best experience for each and every one of your members. Here are some examples of how this system can be utilized to drive operational excellence and impact individual members.  


The back end of the pandemic has been an adjustment period for everyone in the world as they begin to learn the “new normal” and fraternity leaders have not been immune to this adjustment. Chapters across the country have found that members have not been as engaged with the day-to-day operations of their chapters to the level they were before the pandemic. As everyone looks for solutions, the Chapter Management System might just be it, with Gamification and Incentivization. The Chapter Leaderboard provides a unique opportunity to accurately measure engagement and use this data to incentivize members accordingly. For example, the top 15-point earners get access to a prize that the rest of the chapter does not. On the other hand, providing a base point level chapter members have to achieve to be allowed to attend the end of year chapter formal. Either way this ability to track your member’s engagement can be a tool for you as a chapter leader to provide a variety of motivational tactics paired with accurate information, while also creating a competitive atmosphere around chapter involvement.


There are so many software solutions out there today that it can be hard at times to make a decision on which one to use. At times you find a solution you love, but it’s missing one aspect that you need and now you have to pair solutions. Then you find the PERFECT solution but it costs more money than your chapter can afford. The Chapter Management System is none of the above. It’s a solution that has all of the management needs of a chapter leader rolled into one, and it is free of charge to chapters and provisional chapters of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. This aggregating of information allows your members to know exactly where to find information from the fraternity. The ability to have your chapter calendar, chapter resource drive, chapter messaging, keep/track attendance, and to offer membership development options with real-world accreditation all in one downloadable app for members, is nothing short of a decluttering blessing.


By now you’ve heard over and over about these member development options and real- world accreditation, but what does that even mean? Starting in the Fall of 2022 the Chapter Management System will be full of e-learning content from a variety of sources that can provide your members with personal and professional development all at their own pace. These modules are backed up with information provided by the top e-learning content providers in the industry. These providers provide this content to the top companies in a variety of sectors to develop their employees, and now Pi Kappa Alpha members will be able to get a leg up by receiving these resources before they graduate. The downloadable badge feature will provide members with documentation of their course completion, and this badge can be uploaded to social media’s such as LinkedIn or added to your resume. Providing the members of your chapter with this chance to set themselves apart in the job market is an unmatched opportunity, and other prime example of how the Chapter Management System can impact all of our members.  


Are you ready to get your chapter access to the Chapter Management System? Do you have access to the Chapter Management System but need a refresher? Are you a general chapter member that wants to get your Executive Council on board with the Chapter Management System? Fill out the onboarding request form below, to get your chapter on the path to unparalleled excellence.