Sexual assault is a crime and should be reported to the police. Preventing these incidents, as well as other sexual misconduct, is a top priority for PIKE.

Pi Kappa Alpha is partnered with The Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative (FHSI) Consortium to establish on-site programming with all of our chapters. PIKE believes fraternities and sororities are well-positioned to address the topic of sexual misconduct, assault, and relationship violence prevention from a values-based perspective. Resources and educational materials can be found here.

The Principles of Health & Safety Applied to Sexual Harassment & Violence


Treat others with dignity and respect. Live the values taught in our ritual.


Be a brother to all. Recognize warning signs and bad situations and step in, step up and prevent escalation.


Hold each other to a high standard. Honor policies, procedures, and take an active role in correcting bad behavior.

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