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Fraternity Assessment Overview

Plan ahead.

Staying on top of your assessments from the International Fraternity is an important part of the treasurer role, and that begins with knowing what they are and when they are assessed. To help, here’s an overview of all fees that our chapters incur on an annual basis:


September 1 – LPP Assessment:

  • Chapter size < 60: $3,000
  • Chapter size 60-90: $3,500
  • Chapter size 90+: $4,000
  • Housed chapters: Additional $1,000¹
    • $500 credit if chapter elects to go substance-free

October 1 – Chapter/provisional chapter Assessment:

  • $1,500 + $30.00/initiate
    • This is only initiates on the roster that were initiated in a previous semester, this does not include new members

Five (5) days prior to initiation – One-time Membership Fee:

  • $300/new initiate²



January 1 – LPP Assessment:

  • Chapter will be billed the same amount as the fall

February 1 – Chapter/provisional chapter Assessment:

  • $1,500 + $30.00/initiate

Five (5) days prior to initiation – One-time Membership Fee:

  • $300/new initiate

1 Any facility or property owned, operated, or leased by a chapter, by its host institution for the purpose of housing chapter members, or by a recognized house corporation. Any facility that displays Pi Kappa Alpha letters or is regularly used to hold chapter meetings or host other chapter events may be considered chapter housing.

2 This fee is assessed to the chapter, Pi Kappa Alpha does not assess individual members.


Liability Protection Program (LPP) Assessment: This fee is assessed to each participant of the Fraternity’s LPP, which protects participants from general tort liability in regard to fraternal activities- subject to exclusions, self-retention guidelines, and the terms of any insurance policies beyond the self-retention limits. The LPP assessment also funds the development of written model risk awareness programs, seminars at PIKE University events, and chapter risk awareness recognition and awards.

Chapter/provisional chapter Assessment: This assessment helps fund chapter service and resource programs including annual consultant visits, educational material for members, officers, and chapter programming, the quarterly publication of the Shield & Diamond magazine, and additional assistance as requested by chapters. In addition, a portion of the Chapter Assessment helps subsidize costs for attendance and participation in PIKE University educational programs and awards.

Per-Initiate Fee: This fee is assessed once in the fall and once in the spring in even increments of $30.00. The fee was voted and approved at the 2012 International Convention by the Convention Legislation. This helps fund the continued advancement and improvement of PIKE University. It helps fund chapter service and resource programs and helps in providing a more well-rounded approach to assisting and improving Pi Kappa Alpha chapters.

One-time membership fee: This is charged to the chapter for each new initiate and is due five days prior to initiation. This fee pays for the administrative costs of initiation, membership certificate, membership card, and a copy of The Oak for each new member.

There is no new member fee charged by the Fraternity; however, chapters are encouraged to charge a new member fee in addition to an initiation fee.

If you have any questions, talk to your chapter consultant or email our director of finance at

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