In October 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Pi Kappa Alpha leadership began the process of adopting a new website to facilitate simple resource fetching, emphasis on a new brand, and an overall infrastructure change from SiteCore to WordPress.

This page is dedicated to the team that put this plan into action by building a website that is not only user-friendly, but also sets a standard for all organizations of our caliber. Designers and Developers

Kyle Pearson

Asa Richerson

Barbara Perkins Content Editor

Mindy Costabile Project Manager

Sandra Newsom Redesign Committee

Allison Griffin, director of events

Aranda Gehringer, senior director of marketing and communication

Asa C. Richerson, consultant

Barbara E. Perkins, director of creative services/editor

Caleb J. Vander Lugt, director of membership growth

Kyle J. Pearson, consultant

Leo A. Mercer, senior consultant

Mindy W. Costabile, alumni & volunteer coordinator

Sandra Newsom, project manager